BookKeeping Express handles the books
so CPAs can focus on strategy

A CPA’s time is best spent analyzing numbers, not gathering them. That’s why BookKeeping Express can be such a valuable business partner. Through our CPA Express Program, CPAs can assign efficient, certified and trustworthy teams of bookkeepers to each of their clients. These veteran bookkeepers can quickly set up Chart of Accounts and General Ledgers, take care of each client’s day-to-day data entry and back office tasks, and provide monthly financial reports. Plus, CPAs can count on these professionals for keeping accurate books and capturing every possible tax write-off.

Complete and organized books let you make the most of your skills.

Once our bookkeepers use a QuickBooks Pro platform to organize your clients’ financials online, you’ll have unlimited access to their numbers so you can be most efficient in preparing their returns — and in offering proactive advice about everything from taxes to where they should trim expenses. Plus, with your clients’ current financials always at hand, you can be extremely responsive in helping them apply for loans or answering questions that come up throughout the year.

Customize BKE services to complement your own services.

We offer complete bookkeeping services. Choose whatever services are right for you and your individual clients you’re your practice includes in-house bookkeepers, you may find our services can augment your own staff on a regular basis or during busy times. You can count on consistent high-quality, as well, since our Team Center located in Newport News, VA is equipped with state-of-the-art security, our bookkeepers follow strict data management guidelines, and all work is overseen by a highly qualified CPA.

Flat-rate pricing makes it easy to get started!

BookKeeping Express and CPA Express bookkeeping services can be customized for your specific business needs and budget. To get started today, contact your local BKE consultant.