BookKeeping Express reduces your risks and gives you greater control over your “numbers” — and future

Growing a business in these challenging times means knowing far more than where you’ve already been or what this week’s cash flow looks like. You need the power to use today’s numbers to spot opportunities, uncover problems, benchmark against competitors, even out cash flow, minimize tax liability, prevent payroll nightmares and present the best business case to loan officers and investors. That’s why success takes a new approach to bookkeeping — and why BookKeeping Express (BKE) can make such a difference to your future.

Bring in an entire bookkeeping team you can trust to know your business and protect your interests.

BookKeeping Express makes it easy and affordable! Whether your books are a mess or you just want a smarter way to manage your back office, your local BKE consultant will handle everything for you. Plus, instead of putting your books in the hands of a single bookkeeper — and risking delays, errors, inconsistency, and even “sticky fingers” — your books will be handled by your own dedicated team of highly certified and insured professional bookkeepers based in our Team Center located in Newport News, VA.

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More power to make decisions … less frustration

With BookKeeping Express, you always have a financial dashboard showing where you stand. You always have the numbers you need to apply for a loan or decide about capital expenditures. You always know that cash flow, taxes, invoices, payroll, and your “audit trail” are exactly where they should be. Plus, you get all those advantages without worrying about salaries, potential liabilities and HR regulations.

Flat-rate pricing makes it easy to get started!

BookKeeping Express offers bookkeeping services that can be customized for your specific business needs and budget.